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HeliTrox is a Nitrox gas with Helium added to the mixture.
Why is this of benefit to me?
The purpose of Nitrox is to reduce the Nitrogen content, thereby reducing the decompression obligation.
BUT… Nitrogen is still narcotic, even if it is reduced. By adding Helium to the Nitrox mix, you further reduce the effects of narcosis.
Helium is also 2.7 times lighter than Nitrogen, which makes it very easy to breathe.
The result is a much more pleasant and relaxed dive.
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“Theuns has brought the world of diving a little closer to me. His patience, calmness and

Uli Druener

Closed Circuit Rebreather Course
Closed Circuit Rebreather Course WITH Decompression
Closed Circuit Rebreather Course WITH Mixed Gas (60m/200ft)
Closed Circuit Rebreather Course WITH Advanced Mixed Gas (100m/330ft)
Advanced Nitrox (Tec 40) Course
Decompression Procedures (Tec 45) Course
Extended Range (Tec50) Course
Trimix (60m/200ft) Course
Advanced Trimix (100m/330ft) Course
Rebreather and Tec Diving Courses

deep knowledge on the subject glue you to his lips (very German expression) and gives you the confidence  you need while diving. Teaching is in his blood, I believe he has just chosen his favorite subject.”

Uli Druener


“Theuns is a patient, knowledgeable and thorough dive instructor. His Rescue Diver class is second to none.

Elizabeth Quinn

It is the most worthwhile practical training I have ever done.

Both my skill and confidence as a diver greatly increased under his watchful and encouraging eye. I am privileged to have been one of his students.”

Elizabeth Quinn

Theuns van Niekerk

Mixed Gas Rebreather Instructor Trainer



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